Aetobatus narinari
Family: Myliobatidae

Description: a very unique and beautiful animal. Black disc covered in small white dots or ovals. Animal is pelagic and counter shaded with a white belly. Perhaps the most unique feature of the spotted eagle ray is the duck billed snout used for digging in the sand for prey. Long whiplike tail with anywhere from 2-6 spines.

Size: max disc width (DW) 330 cm.

Weight: max recorded 230 kg.

Sexual maturity: females reach maturity over 150 cm DW and males at 130 cm DW (between 4-6 years).

Reproduction: : 1 to 4 pups per litter with a gestation period around 12 months, reproduction occurs through aplacental viviparity.

Average life span: more investigation on life history required.

Distribution: worldwide distribution, especially in warm and temperate waters.

Diet: feeds mainly on mollusks and crustaceans occasionally preying on bony fish.

Status: near threatened

Human pressure: minor fishing importance to humans.

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