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Angelina Rahming

Meet Angelina, a lively spirit born and raised in the picturesque Freeport, Grand Bahama, nestled in the heart of The Bahamas. From the early days of her childhood, Angelina's heart has been captivated by the enchanting allure of the ocean. Growing up in the Bahamas, she considers the ocean not just a destination but an integral part of her backyard. In her younger years, she actively engaged in various environmental groups, a choice that not only reflected her commitment to preserving the natural beauty around her but also ignited a deep passion for the ocean and the environment. Due to her love of the environment, when the opportunity arose to intern at the Bimini Shark Lab, she jumped at the offer, to further learn about sharks and the world around them.


Logan Stultz

Logan is from northwest Ohio and graduated from the Ohio State University spring of 2022, with a degree in zoology. Despite not growing up around boats or sharks, the local zoo and aquarium fostered a love for sharks, the ocean, and conservation. In order to fund his college education, Logan joined the Air National Guard. At Ohio State, he worked primarily with plants but the ocean always called. After retiring from the military in 2023 he began his professional journey into marine science. This started with participating in the Shark Field School on Key Biscayne. The experience reinvigorated Logan’s love for sharks and the ocean. He hopes to continue this path and eventually have a platform to show non-coastal kids that they can pursue a career in marine science as well.


Faith Williams

Faith grew up in Edenton, a small town in North Carolina. Growing up on the coast, Faith was always near the ocean and fell in love with it at a young age. Since her freshman year in high school she knew she wanted to become a marine biologist. Her small town didn’t provide much opportunities in marine science so she made it her goal to find the right school that did. She completed her bachelors degree at the University of North Carolina at Wilmington in Marine Biology with a concentration in conservation and a minor in Oceanography, in May of 2023. It was during her time in undergrad that she explored the many pathways marine biology had to offer. From working directly with sea turtles as a volunteer at the Karen Beasley Sea Turtle Rescue and Rehabilitation center to studying coral reefs and seagrass beds while studying abroad. It wasn’t until she joined Field School, an intro to shark research, in Florida that led her to her calling of elasmobranch. Hence, she found the Shark Lab and the perfect opportunity to gain more experience in shark research and conservation.


Mackenzie Rothney

Mackenzie Rothney, a native of Ontario, Canada, has a deep connection to the underwater world. As a PADI scuba diving instructor, she has explored the depths of Canadian Lakes, nurturing her love for the underwater realm. This passion led her to pursue a degree in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology at the University of Toronto, specializing in biodiversity and conservation science. Mackenzie's dedication to wildlife conservation goes beyond her time spent in water, labs, and the classroom. She has lived in both Kenya and Tanzania, volunteering and immersing herself in diverse ecosystems and treasuring her interactions with endangered animals. Mackenzie is thrilled to be living by the ocean and contributing to our team's mission.

Do you want to Intern at the Bimini Shark Lab? Applications are open! 

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