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The Bimini Biological Field Station Foundation has been host to over 200 production companies in the last 30 years. Attracted by our world-class scientific research, unparalleled filming opportunities and experienced staff, production companies are offered a unique shooting experience.

We have welcomed a variety of international film crews and appeared on television in numerous countries. Shows filmed at the station have been aired on Discovery, National Geographic, BBC, ABC, CBS, NBC, MTV, CNN and many more (see Past Productions list below). Despite the huge number and quality of shows the station has appeared on, we are never short of new and exciting stories to tell.

Our field research (see Current Research) is incredibly diverse and encompasses a wide variety of topics, from ecology to genetics, life history to behaviour. The location of Bimini (see About Bimini), between the deep waters of the Gulf Stream and shallow flats of the Great Bahamas Banks, provides an exceptional opportunity to cover a number of different environments, ecosystems and species in a short time.

In the waters surrounding Bimini we encounter an incredible diversity of marine life. Our research primarily focuses on sharks, which is our principal area of expertise. We have authorities in a number of different research areas and our crew are incredibly experienced and skilled in the research techniques we employ. 

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Doc Gruber's last TV appearance on Shark Weeks "SharkCam StakeOut"

Matt Smukall and Steve Backshall on BBC Blue Planet Live

Crew & Equipment

Our station crew are highly trained with regards to all aspects of the research that we carry out. We intimately know a variety of locations around the islands and are able to suggest a number of unique and pristine environments that make for superb filming locations. Our crew are also well versed in the needs and rigours of filming in the field and can assist with these aspects of onsite recording if required. 


The Shark Lab has nine boats for the different environments and activities that we carry out (Facilities - Vehicles). This allows us to have a versatile on-water filming environment and can cater to any situation or sequence that is needed. 

Dive Gear:
For some of our locations and research techniques, underwater filming is best approached using Scuba. We have limited dive gear on site and can organize rental should more be needed. Tanks will be sourced from a local dive operator.


On the scene with Zeb Hogan for National Geographic's "Monster Fish" - Photo: Chelle Blais 

Island Accommodation:

Accommodation can be organized at one of the island homes or apartments available through a local homeowner. We can help set up the initial contact and assist as needed.

Past Productions


DoubleAct TV - "Shark Gangs." 

Red Rock Films - Shark Attack Files Season 2.

Remedy Studios - Worlds Biggest Hammerhead.

Bright Road Productions - When Sharks Attack


TippyCanoe - Vineyard Vines Promotion.

DoubleAct TV - "Shark Academy". Red Rock Films - "Shark Files".

BBC One - Blue Planet LIVE.

BBC One - Blue Planet Live Revisited "A Shark's Tail."

DOCMA TV - "Elstners Reisen: Die Retter der Haie."

Animal Planet -"The Aquarium" with Georgia Aquarium.


Electus - Discovery's Shark Week Bear Grylls "Bear VS Shark".

Big Wave TV - Discovery's Shark Week 'SharkCam Stakeout'.


Icon Films - Discovery's Shark Week "Great Hammerhead Invasion."

NBC Universal - Discovery's Shark Week "Shark School with Michael Phelps".


Blue Ant Media "Love Nature: Great Blue Wild."

Discovery - Shark Week: "Shallow Water Invasion."

Discovery - Shark Week: "Sharks vs Dolphins."

Chasing Monsters - Series episode.

Gurney Productions for Discovery - Shark Week piece.


The Daily Planet - Shark week.

River Monsters - Legend of the Lusca.

Les Nomades.

Nat Geo - When sharks attack.

CBBC - Naomis nightmares of nature.

Pangolin productions - Shark week piece.

Arcadia Entertainment - Animal Empires.

Oxford scientific - Shark Personality.


Discovery Channel - Monster hammerhead.

Discovery Channel - Spawn of Jaws 2: The Birth.

BBC Natural History Unit - Sharks (lemon shark filming).

GloboTV - Hammerhead Documentary.


BBC - Animal Minds: Octopus Feature with Chris Packham.

BBC - Animal Minds: Shark magneto-reception with Chris Packham

BBC - Sharks (Lemon shark birthing).

Passion Pictures - Earth in the age of man (Featuring M Sanjayan).

KEB - Korea Educational Broadcasting System (Pilot).


CBS Miami - Sharks: Danger or in danger?

Encanto Film - Sharks.

Discovery Channel - The truth about Jaws.

LA 7 - Missone Naturale.

Tigress Productions - ˜Nature Shock.

Ulf Marquardt Productions - Bahamas Marine Education


Fundacion Albatros Media - Visions of Hope, Seas of Life.

Guy Harvey Research Institute - Tiger Shark Documentary.

PBS - Wild Kratts, Stuck on Sharks.

French Television Channel M6 - Enquete Exclusive


National Geographic - Megalodon Nursery Special.

IMAX Yes/No Production & Liquid Pictures - The Last Reef.

Europa Productions - Untitled Feature Length Film.

National Geographic - Dangerous Encounters with Brady Barr.

SciFi Channel - Beast Legends.

Bahamas Dept. of Tourism - What's Up Productions, New Paradises Bahamas


Rete 4 Italy - Pianete Mare.

National Geographic Channel - Hooked.

National Geographic & Channel 5 UK Wild, Jaws on the Run


NHK Japan Broadcasting Corporation - Mangroves.

FOX Sports Net - Hooters Magazine Best Damn Dream Girl.

BBC - Deadly 60 (Filmed tiger sharks with Steve Backshall).

NBC - Shark U (Starred in a 6 episode series on life at the shark lab).

National Geographic "Into the Womb."

Discovery Channel - MythBusters.

TF1 - Sharkwater.

BBC - Discovery / Oceans: Hosted by Philippe Cousteau.

Discovery Channel - Dirty Jobs Hosted by Mike Rowe / Jobs That Bite.

History Channel - Evolve: Sex


National Geographic Bite Force (Brady Barr). VOX Tierzeit Animal TV in Germany. Animal Planet

Ms Adventure. Discovery  Perfect Predators  Shark Week. Wild Aid

Shark Awareness. Sky 1 James May Adventures


Discovery Channel - Everything You Need to Know / Shark Week.

Discovery Kids - Mystery Hunters.

Discovery - U.K. - Great Ocean Adventures.

Discovery Channel - Dirty Jobs Hosted by Mike Rowe, Jobs That Bite


National Geographic News - Lemon Sharks Swarm Florida.

Discovery Channel - MythBusters: Jaws Special.

ABC 6 Action News - Cecily Tynan Swims with Sharks.

NBC 6 News - Sharks: Who is Really in Danger?


ABC News - Good Morning America.

Discovery - Animal Planet


National Geographic / Liquid Planet - Lemon Shark Mother lode.

BBC - Loch Ness Monster Investigation


National Geographic - Earth Pulse.

BBC - Michaela's Wild Adventures.

CNN Report - Shark Overfishing.

NBC Eco Reports - Lemon Sharks off Jupiter, FL


CNN - Burden of Proof.

FOX - Live News with P. Brown.

MSNB  Dr. Gruber Interview.

Discovery - 10 Deadliest Sharks.

ABC - World News Tonight.

NBC - TV with Mike Zimmer.

Video Shark: Deep Danger.

Discovery - Shark Week: Shark Attack Files.

CNN  Dr. Gruber Shark Interview


Discovery - Jurassic Shark, Revised.

NBC - Today Show: Facing the Fear of Sharks.

Video - Sharks of the Deep Blue.

Video - Great White: In Search of Giants.

World of Water Films - Surviving Sharks.

Discovery - Shark week. Sea Stories - Lemon Sharks of Bimini.

Animal Planet - Predator Island.

ESPN - Shark Students. National Geographic - Sea Stories

1974 - 1999

80 Film crews with various production companies from around the world, including National geographic, ABC, CBS, Good Morning America, BBC, NBC, MTV and others. For a full listing during this period please contact Matthew Smukall. (

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