We at the Bimini Biological Field Station Foundation (BBFSF) strive to promote public engagement with shark and ray science, conservation, and the marine environment on local and global scales. While we are thankful that we have the opportunity to instigate local outreach programs within the Bimini community, we also endeavour to reach a wider audience and engage in global conversations about elasmobranch science. With the aid of technological communication tools, we are able to extend beyond the limits of our island field station and reach a global audience virtually. 


Using these tools, we are able to extend our knowledge and services on a multitude of platforms via requesting a BBFSF representative speaker. Requests have ranged from classroom talks to university lectures, scientific panel discussions to interviews, and beyond. Because we speak to a wide range of people, we cater the material to our audience both in content and in degree of prior scientific experience. Topics include, but are not limited to: biology of sharks and rays, the role of sharks and rays in the ecosystem, elasmobranch conservation in the Bahamas, the ongoing or past research at the Lab, and more. Talks typically include the presence of a juvenile nurse shark, which provides a unique experience to the audience and allows us to speak on the biology of sharks in real time. For those looking to engage in mediums other than organized talks, our staff and Principal Investigators are happy to engage in scientific panels, discussions, podcasts, Q&As, and other formats that may be desired. For classroom settings, we often collaborate with the organization Sharks4Kids, which strives to create young advocates of shark conservation through education.


If you would like to request a speaker from the BBFSF on behalf of a group or organization, please click the Request  a Speaker Form button below to provide us with some of the details of your request. Depending on the nature of the talk, some staff members or Principal Investigators may be best suited to answer your inquiry. Please use the details provided in the form below to select a BBFSF representative that would best suit your needs.


Please note that we are an operating research station and some BBFSF staff members may be unavailable at certain times. However, we will do our best to accommodate requests and work to find available times for both parties. We look forward to hearing from you!