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 Phd & Post doctoral Positions 

Bimini Biological Field Station Foundation 

Since 1990 the BBFS has hosted and supported PhD students from around the globe in projects investigating various aspects of elasmobranch biology. Our main research focus is the lemon shark and we have accumulated a large amount of information about this species including diet, behaviour, prey and predator community dynamics, life history, mating system and genetics (see scientific output). The lemon shark is now recognized as a ‘model’ for requiem sharks and serves as an important tool for advancing our knowledge of general shark biology. The longevity of our research in Bimini, coupled with the experience of our crew and dedicated volunteers, provides a unique and exciting platform from which to develop novel scientific questions.

We typically have 2-3 positions available for PhD students. The duration of these placements is negotiable, but usually span a period of three years. There may be the opportunity to extend your stay at the lab, depending on university requirements and following a performance evaluation.The PhD students are required to report to the President and CEO of the Lab, with regular updates and include the President and CEO on their university committee board.   

PhD positions are not necessarily advertised, as roles are often offered to former volunteers. Although you can tabs on our social media for the most up to date information. We are currently accepting applications for a Fall 2021 start time.  If you are interested in applying for a PhD position, please submit an application for our volunteer internship, and address an email to with the following documents attached:

  • a cover letter stating how your project would compliment the current research at the Shark Lab and what you can bring as a team member

  • curriculum vitae 

  • a copy of your MSc thesis and/or any publications

  • two letters of reference

  • a summary outlining your proposed research project, detailing a time-frame envisaged for the completion of the project


There is not a specific set of requirements, however we encourage the following to apply:


  • applicants that hold a university degree (preferably a BSc and MSc)

  • applicants with previous experience in research in the field of environmental or marine science

  • applicants may have published research, on recognized platforms

  • applicants will preferably have submitted grant applications 

  • experience in supervising postgraduate students 

  • strong communication skills

  • able to work effectively in both a team and independent setting

  • evidence of thriving in challenging conditions

  • we recommend completing at least a four month internship in order to better prepare for an extended stay at the Lab

*Note that the Shark Lab is not an institute with degree giving powers, and as such, PhD students must be enrolled in a program with a university prior to arrival. Between the student and their advisor, their research must lie in the scope of current Shark Lab research

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