Hypanus americanus
Family: Dasyatidae

Description: A benthic stingray with pectoral fins connected to head and tail producing a diamond shape. D. Americana is often black but can also be green or brown. Large spiracles on top with 5-gill slits found on the ventral surface. Counter shaded with a soft white belly. Large, venomous, barb found on whip like tail.

Size: 150 cm disc width (DW)

Weight: 97 kg

Sexual maturity: Females are approximately 75 to 80 cm DW with males only being 52 cm DW.

Reproduction: 2 to 10 pups born after a period of 4.5 to 7.5 months.

Average life span: Data Unknown

Distribution: Found along the eastern coast of the North, Central, and South America with a heavy concentration throughout the Caribbean Sea

Diet: has been investigated in multiple countries to show a diet primarily consisting of shrimp, crabs, and certain bony fish.

Status: data deficient.

Human pressure: population in the United States appears to be healthy but little information is available for rest of species. Not listed as Least Concern because other geographic regions unintentionally target this animal and occasionally harvest it.

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