Carcharhinus falciformis
Family: Carcharhinidae

Description: a snout shorter then mouth width, interdorsal ridge, low sloping first dorsal fin and second dorsal fin with a very long posterior free rear tip. Colouration is bronze brown with a white underside and dusky tips of pectoral fins.

Size: max ~300cm

Weight: 39 - 55 kg

Sexual Maturity: 210 - 220 cm and 6 - 7 years old in males, 225 - 232 cm and 9 years of age.

Reproduction: placental viviparous 4-12 pups gestation 1 year nurseries in open waters of Bahamas.

Average life span: unknown, at least 13 years.

Habitat: Found in shallow marine waters around coral reefs

Distribution: Warm tropical and sub tropical oceanic and coastal waters. East coast of the United States, most commonly seen from South Carolina to Gulf of Mexico.

Diet: Small fishes primarily yellowfin tuna, squid and crabs.

Status: vulnerable

Human pressure: Caught as bycatch by tuna and swordfish fishery. Exploited by shark fisheries in Japan, Maldives and Sri Lanka, fished for its meat, oil, and fins. Also caught by recreational anglers.

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