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Carcharhinus acronotus
Family: Carcharhinidae

Description: Typical Carcharhinid-shaped body with a black tip on snout. Second dorsal fin tip and upper caudal fin tip also darkened. No interdorsal ridge, small pectoral fins. Second dorsal fin located directly above anal fin.

Distribution and Habitat: Occurs in the warm temperate and tropical waters of the Western Atlantic as far north as southern USA and as far south as southern Brazil. Found in coastal waters on continental and insular shelves. Habitat is typically sand, shell and coral substrates between depths of 18-64 meters.

Size: Max size is 137 cm total length. Size at birth is 31-50 cm total length.

Reproduction: Viviparous with a yolk-sac placenta, litters of 1 to 6 pups born every 1-2 years. Gestation period of 10 to 11 months. Females typically reach maturity at or 101-120 cm total length, males mature at 97-110 cm total length, around 2-4.5 years for both males and females.

Life span: Lives for about 12.5-15 years depending on region.

Diet: Small fishes.

Status: Endangered.

Human pressures: Captured and retained as bycatch in longlines, gillnets, trawls, and hook and line causing a significant decline in population

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