Carcharhinus acronotus
Family: Carcharhinidae

Description: typical carcharhinid with a black nose and a darkened second dorsal and caudal tip. Second dorsal is located above anal fin.

Size: max 200 cm total length

Weight: max reported weight 18.9 kg

Sexual maturity: females mature around 100 cm TL with males maturing between 97 and 106 cm TL. Age of maturity varies between populations. In Gulf of Mexico males mature around 5 years and females around 6 years. Individuals mature faster in Atlantic waters, reaching this milestone at 4.3 years for males and 4.5 years for females.

Reproduction: placental viviparous, brood size 7-18

Average life span: Varies between populations. In US South Atlantic waters individuals are estimated to live up to 19 years.

Habitat: Inhabits coastal regions living over sand beds and coral reefs. Stays in water up to 64 meters deep.

Distribution: Found along coastlines from the Southern USA to south Brazil. Inhabit all coastlines in between, including all of Mexico, Central America, and islands in the Caribbean Sea.

Diet: feed on small bony fishes and crustaceans

Status: near threatened

Human pressure: Previously exploited for its oil and hide used as leather. Lemons are often caught by anglers for fishing tournaments due to their size and the juveniles are found to be hardy and can feed in captivity, therefore have been exhibited in aquaria. They are also caught by commercial fisherman for their meat and fins.

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