Carcharhinus signatus
Family: Carcharhinidae

Description: snout longer than the mouth width and large eyes with a noticeable green pupil. A small first dorsal and a low interdorsal ridge.

Size: Up to 300 cm

Sexual maturity: estimated males 185-190 cm and 200-105 cm for females

Weight: 135 kg

Average life span: unknown

Habitat: found in shallow marine waters around coral reefs.

Distribution: pelagic species found in deep tropical waters of the western Atlantic from Argentina to Delaware and along the west coast of Africa and the Gulf of Mexico and along the coast of Southern Brazil. Abundant in the deep waters of Cuba and Straits of Florida.

Reproduction: placental viviparous, brood size 10-20, gestation 12 months

Diet: unknown

Status: vulnerable

Human pressure: In the 1940s when shark fishery was at its peak the night shark was exploited by Cuban fisheries due to its high vitamin A content in its liver oil. There was a high mortality in the 1970s as bycatch due to swordfish and tuna fishery thus numbers have declined. Stated as protected in the US since 1997, although they continue to be caught as bycatch as the fish share the same habitat.

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