Carcharhinus perezi
Family: Carcharhinidae

Description: large and broad snout, interdorsal ridge from rear of first dorsal to front of second dorsal fin, long gill slits with the third slit lining up with the front of the pectoral fin. Dark grey colouration above with whitish coloration on the underside and dusky coloured fins.

Size: 200 -250 cm, max 300 cm

Weight: 70 kg

Sexual Maturity: 170 cm in males, 190 cm in females

Reproduction: viviparous, average brood size 4-6, gestation is 1 year

Average life span: unknown

Habitat: shallow waters specifically coral reefs, known as a bottom dwelling species

Distribution: throughout the tropical Western Atlantic ocean, mainly the Caribbean Sea

Diet: consists mainly of bony fishes and cephalapods

Status: near threatened

Human pressure: very little commercial interest.

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