Carcharhinus limbatus
Family: Carcharhinidae

Description: black tips found on first and second dorsal fin, pectoral, pelvic fins and lower caudal lobe a long with a white streak on its flanks. Stout bodied with a long pointed snout and lacks an interdorsal ridge.

Size: rarely exceeds 195 cm.

Weight: Up to 46 kg

Sexual Maturity: 145 cm for males, 156 cm females

Reproduction: placental viviparous, gestation period 340 days, 4-6 pups

Average life span: Unknown

Habitat: predominantly found in shallow coastal waters and uses inshore waters of Carolina as nurseries during summer.

Distribution: found in subtropical and tropical waters. In the western Atlantic, it ranges from New England to Brazil. Also found in the Eastern Pacific but believed to be a separate population thus may even be a different species.

Diet: consists of small bony fish and small elasmobranchs, sting rays and squid.

Status: near threatened

Human pressure: commercially and recreationally very important, often sold for meat in fish markets and is known by recreational fisherman as a great fighting fish.

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