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Hexanchus nakamurai
Family: Hexanchidae

Description: Slender-bodied, deep water shark. As the common name implies, the bigeye sixgill has notably large eyes and six gills rather than the usual 5 found on many shark species. It exhibits a sharp contrast of countershading between dorsal and ventral sides of the body.

Distribution and Habitat: Occurs in tropical or warm temperate deep waters in small, patchy areas across the globe. Typically found on or near sea floor on continental or island shelves at depths between 90 to 621 meters.

Size: Max size is about 180 cm.

Reproduction: Viviparous. Litter size ranges between 13 to 26 pups. Females typically reach sexual maturity at 142-178 cm and males mature at 123 to 157 cm total length.

Diet: small to medium-sized bony fishes and crustaceans.

Status: Data deficient.

Human pressures: occasionally caught as bycatch in some fisheries. Not commercially important.

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