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‘Life of a Shark Lab Intern’ by former intern Lauren Faulkner

The Bimini Shark Lab is run by a group of inspiring, brilliant people. If you’re looking to share

lifelong lessons and memories with an amazing group of people who nerd out on sharks and science then you’re looking at the right place. Some days you could be helping PI Vital collect Great hammerhead data or stingray catching, or other days you might be gillnetting all day for lemons for PI Clemency.

There are a million different field techniques for various projects at the lab, that all help to excel your career in biology. I’ll never forget any of the experiences at the lab not only because you get to be in the water with incredible animals, but the passion that everyone has for the lab projects. It’s inspiring to be around people who are working in a field of science that isn’t very big and requires endurance, hard work, and dedication. We would all come back from various days at the lab and come together for dinner like a huge family!



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