Travel & Visa Information

If you are selected as a volunteer, we will organize all flights to and from Bimini via Lux Air Charters, flying from Signature Flight Support TMB - Miami Executive Airport into South Bimini, Bahamas. You are required to organize any necessary flights and transport to and from Miami Executive Airport.

The round trip cost, in addition to volunteer fees, will be $330 for the chartered flight. This includes the flight cost and the $30 departure tax to leave the Bahamas. The reason we have chartered a flight for our volunteers from Miami to Bimini is due to the reliability of this flight company for scheduled arrival and departure times, unlike other unreliable commercial airlines we have needed to rely on in the past.

Bahamian Residents/Citizens no visa necessary.
For all other nationalities see Bahamas Government website
Arrival in the Bahamas  You will enter the Bahamas as a TOURIST! There is no need for a student or work visa. Upon arrival, explain to immigration officers you are volunteering at the BBFS ‘Sharklab’ and let them know how long you intend to stay. They will give you a maximum stamp of 90 days which can be extended in Bimini if needed. Volunteers flying through other Bahamian islands may have difficulties getting 90 days (not every island knows about our volunteering program). In all cases however, a passport is required, you must be able to make multiple entrances into the US and a paper copy of your return ticket home is often requested.
Non US Citizens staying LESS than 90 days entering the Bahamas via the USA will also enter as a TOURIST! The Visa Waiver Program allows passport holders from 37 countries to visit the United States for up to 90 days. The visa waiver traveler is required to hold a valid travel authorization (ESTA) in order to enter the United States (filled out online before arriving in the US). It is not possible to re-enter the US from Bimini after this visa has expired. For all USA visa information, please refer to this website before travel.
Non US Citizens staying LONGER than 90 days entering the Bahamas via the USA will also enter as a TOURIST! A United States multiple entry tourist visa is often recommended for non-US visitors as the ESTA Visa Waiver program often doesn’t apply with our small charter airline. A paper copy of your return ticket home is sometimes requested. For all USA visa information, please refer to this website before travel.
All non-Bahamian, US and Canadian citizens please refer to this list for passport and visa requirements.

If you are still unsure of what you need, please email the station at
Bimini is an isolated island in the Bahamas. It is compulsory for all volunteers/students to have health insurance AND travel insurance. You must send proof that you are covered in the Bahamas and the USA for any health issues, emergency healthcare and evacuation off the island. We need contact details, policy numbers and procedure should you have an accident.
We are not responsible or liable for any medical bills/expenses, all volunteers will need to be able to understand and sign the waiver and release form from liability. Please download, read and sign the waiver form before arrival to Bimini.
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