Production Information

The Bimini Biological Field Station Foundation has been host to over 150 production companies in the last 25 years. Attracted by our world-class scientific research, unparalleled filming opportunities and experienced staff, production companies are offered a unique shooting experience.

We have welcomed a variety of international film crews and appeared on television in numerous countries. Shows filmed at the station have been aired on Discovery, National Geographic, BBC, ABC, CBS, NBC, MTV, CNN and many more (see Past Productions). Despite the huge number and quality of shows the station has appeared on, we are never short of new and exciting stories to tell.

Our field leading research (see Current & Past Research) is incredibly diverse and encompasses a wide variety of topics, from ecology to genetics, life history to behaviour. The location of Bimini (see About Bimini), between the deep waters of the Gulf Stream and shallow flats of the Great Bahamas Banks, provides an exceptional opportunity to cover a number of different environments, ecosystems and species in a short time.

In the waters surrounding Bimini we encounter an incredible diversity of marine life. Our research primarily focuses on sharks, which is our principal area of expertise. We have authorities in a number of different research areas and our staff are incredibly experienced and skilled in the research techniques we employ. Additionally, we have an experienced camera team based on the island.

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