Past Productions

Electus - Discovery's Shark Week Bear Grylls Feature 2018. Big Wave TV - Discovery's Shark Week 'SharkCam Stakeout' 2018.
Icon Films - Discovery's Shark Week Great Hammerhead Feature 2017. NBCUniversal - Discovery's Shark Week Michael Phelps Feature 2017.
Blue Ant Media. Love Nature: Great Blue Wild 2016. Discovery - Shark week: Shallow water invasion 2016. Discovery - Shark week: Sharks vs dolphins - 2016. Chasing Monsters - Series episode. Gurney Productions for Discovery - 2016 Shark Week piece.
The Daily Planet - Shark week. River Monsters - Legend of the Lusca. Les Nomades. Nat Geo - When sharks attack. CBBC - Naomis nightmares of nature. Pangolin productions - Shark week piece. Arcadia Entertainment - Animal Empires. Oxford scientific - Shark Personality.
Discovery Channel - Monster hammerhead. Discovery Channel - Spawn of Jaws 2: The Birth. BBC Natural History Unit - Sharks (lemon shark filming). GloboTV - Hammerhead Documentary.
BBC - Animal Minds: Octopus Feature with Chris Packham. BBC - Animal Minds: Shark magneto-reception with Chris Packham BBC - Sharks (Lemon shark birthing). Passion Pictures - Earth in the age of man (Featuring M Sanjayan). KEB - Korea Educational Broadcasting System (Pilot).
CBS Miami - Sharks: Danger or in danger? Encanto Film - Sharks. Discovery Channel - The truth about Jaws. LA 7 - Missone Naturale. Tigress Productions - ‘Nature Shock. Ulf Marquardt Productions - Bahamas Marine Education
Fundacion Albatros Media - Visions of Hope, Seas of Life. Guy Harvey Research Institute - Tiger Shark Documentary. PBS - Wild Kratts, Stuck on Sharks. French Television Channel M6 - Enquete Exclusive
National Geographic - Megalodon Nursery Special. IMAX Yes/No Production & Liquid Pictures - The Last Reef. Europa Productions - Untitled Feature Length Film. National Geographic - Dangerous Encounters with Brady Barr. SciFi Channel - Beast Legends. Bahamas Dept. of Tourism - What's Up Productions, New Paradises Bahamas
Rete 4 Italy - Pianete Mare. National Geographic Channel - Hooked. National Geographic & Channel 5 UK – Wild, Jaws on the Run
NHK Japan Broadcasting Corporation - Mangroves. FOX Sports Net - Hooters Magazine Best Damn Dream Girl. BBC - Deadly 60 (Filmed tiger sharks with Steve Backshall). NBC - Shark U (Starred in a 6 episode series on life at the shark lab). National Geographic – Into the Womb. Discovery Channel - MythBusters. TF1 - Sharkwater. BBC - Discovery / Oceans: Hosted by Philippe Cousteau. Discovery Channel - Dirty Jobs Hosted by Mike Rowe / Jobs That Bite. History Channel - Evolve: Sex
National Geographic – Bite Force (Brady Barr). VOX Tierzeit – Animal TV in Germany. Animal Planet – Ms Adventure. Discovery – Perfect Predators – Shark Week. Wild Aid – Shark Awareness. Sky 1 – James May Adventures
Discovery Channel - Everything You Need to Know / Sharkweek. Discovery Kids - Mystery Hunters. Discovery - U.K. - Great Ocean Adventures. Discovery Channel - Dirty Jobs Hosted by Mike Rowe, Jobs That Bite
National Geographic News - Lemon Sharks Swarm Florida. Discovery Channel - MythBusters: Jaws Special. ABC 6 Action News - Cecily Tynan Swims with Sharks. NBC 6 News - Sharks: Who is Really in Danger?
ABC News - Good Morning America. Discovery - Animal Planet
National Geographic / Liquid Planet - Lemon Shark Mother lode. BBC - Loch Ness Monster Investigation
National Geographic - Earthpulse. BBC - Michaela's Wild Adventures. CNN Report - Shark Overfishing. NBC Eco Reports - Lemon Sharks off Jupiter, FL
CNN - Burden of Proof. FOX - Live News with P. Brown. MSNBC – Dr. Gruber Interview. Discovery - 10 Deadliest Sharks. ABC - World News Tonight. NBC - TV with Mike Zimmer. Video – Shark: Deep Danger. Discovery - Sharkweek: Shark Attack Files. CNN – Dr. Gruber Shark Interview
Discovery - Jurassic Shark, Revised. NBC - Today Show: Facing the Fear of Sharks. Video - Sharks of the Deep Blue. Video - Great White: In Search of Giants. World of Water Films - Surviving Sharks. Discovery - Shark week. Sea Stories - Lemon Sharks of Bimini. Animal Planet - Predator Island. ESPN - Shark Students. National Geographic - Sea Stories
1974 - 2000
80 Film crews with various production companies from around the world, including National geographic, ABC, CBS, Good Morning America, BBC, NBC, MTV and others. For a full listing during this period please contact Dr. SH Gruber (
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