Crew & Equipment

Our staff are highly trained with regards to all aspects of the research that we carry out. We intimately know a variety of locations around the islands and are able to suggest a number of unique and pristine environments that make for superb filming locations. Our staff are also well versed in the needs and rigors of filming in the field and can assist with these aspects of onsite recording if required. 

Accommodation is included in the full day filming fee and film crews can stay at either the station itself or at a local comfortable apartment. For the standard price crews should expect to be sharing rooms. If this is not appropriate we are able to organize additional accommodation for an added fee.

Three meals per day are included and provided at the station.

The sharklab has eight boats for the different environments and activities that we carry out (Facilities - Vehicles). This allows us to have a versatile on-water filming environment and can cater to any situation or sequence that is needed. 

For some of our locations and research techniques, underwater filming is best approached using Scuba. We have limited dive gear on site and can organize rental should more be needed. Tanks will be sourced from a local dive operator.

Marine biologists, videographers & photographers Duncan Brake and Jillian Morris are based in Bimini and have worked at the lab as well as alongside the lab on dozens of productions. Both have worked as shooters, directors of photography and producers for Animal Planet, BBC, National Geographic, ESPN, Discovery and numerous other networks and production companies. They have experience with a wide range of cameras from F900s and 16mm ArriFlex to the RED Epic.
Equpment: Panasonic HVX 200 (p2 card system) with GATES underwater housing & Fathom Superwide port (NTSC)
RED EPIC with GATES underwater housing (PAL & NTSC)
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