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The Sharklab is looking for highly motivated, hardy people with a desire to work and gain experience with marine fauna and flora. Volunteers are integrated into all aspects of the station's workload and are expected to assist with fixing gillnets, cleaning toilets and cooking dinner, as well as tagging and measuring large sharks! We very much believe that volunteering at the station is a life-changing experience that not only develops scientists but also helps to create well-rounded people, with a drive and passion to succeed in whatever path they choose to follow!


At BBFS we are seeking general interns who can collect data for our PhD student’s projects and assist with the daily running of the station. We also seek project students who undertake normal volunteer activities while completing their own research under the guidance of our PhD students (see current research). Internships range in length from two to twelve months, with two months being the minimum stay and three to four months being the recommended duration for an intern to make the most of this opportunity as well as to maximize their skill development. There are five dates available for interns to start and end their volunteer placement, stated below:








Interns can apply to stay for as long of a duration as they would like, as long as they are able to arrive/depart on the specific start dates mentioned above. We are not in a position to be flexible with these start and end dates due to our need for a standardized schedule for our chartered air service, food supply, and bed availability. The first 3-4 days of a newcomer's arrival are set aside for training and building up lab familiarity.