GOLD level donation

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Our Gold Level Donation allows you to sponsor and NAME your very own acoustically tagged shark!

IMPORTANT: these tags are only put out on research-specific and size-specific sharks, and we currently have a short waiting list at this time due to the Covid-19 pandemic delaying our research. If you would like to discuss the the adoption package please contact

We will send you a certificate of your large shark's information including:


  • Individual PIT tag identification number

  • Acoustic transmitter number

  • Sex & measurements of your shark

  • Capture information

  • Location and movement information

    Please note: The data collected by these tags is owned exclusively by the Bimini Biological Field Station Foundation and cannot be used by the donor or general public for publication or any form of scientific or research purposes.


What is an acoustic tag? We use Vemco or Sonotronics acoustic tags, which are about the size of a stick of lip-balm and are carefully surgically implanted into the body of the shark. These tags transmit location data to our acoustic receiver array (listening stations underwater), which we download and process twice a year. You will be updated on your sharks' movements and the progress of the project after each download. 

  • Your adopted shark will be a UNIQUE and INDIVIDUAL shark: No one else in the world will have the same tagged shark as you! 

  • In an effort to remain environmentally friendly all certificates will be sent as an image file to your email address. 

  • Tax Deductible — The Bimini Biological Field Station Foundation is a USA 501(c)3 nonprofit organization and all donations are tax deductible as appropriate by law.

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Our ROSE GOLD LEVEL DONATION allows you to sponsor a trackable acoustic tag for one of Bimini's famous Great Hammerhead sharks... 

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