From: Alexandria, Virginia

Education/Background: Bachelors of Science in Biology and Marine Science from Coastal Carolina University. Planning to pursue my MS and PhD in the future.

Reasons for coming:
After spending my entire childhood in and around water, I quickly knew I wanted to pursue a career in marine science. During my undergraduate degrees at Coastal Carolina, I spent a week at BBFSF as part of a Shark Biology course, which completely changed my outlook on research and really set the trajectory for the rest of my education. I finished out my undergrad by working on a research project observing, identifying, and recording fish species and behaviors captured on a mid-shelf underwater camera off the coast of Cape Fear, NC, including eight species of sharks and two species of rays. I then wrote my senior honors thesis about how anthropogenic ocean acidification has been observed to affect shark physiology and behavior. After visiting BBFSF for only a week, I knew I wanted to come back as a volunteer to further my field research skills, gain invaluable experience, and contribute to the conservation of Bimini’s elasmobranchs. I hope to use what I learn at BBFSF as I pursue further education and research opportunities into how climate change is affecting the ocean and how we can better protect the species within it.

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