Shark Book

Note that we now have a dedicated website to 'Shark Doc, Shark Lab'. Please CLICK HERE to go to the new site, or alternatively you can continue to access the pages below as usual.

Here we introduce 'Shark Doc, Shark Lab'! Written by Jeremy Stafford-Deitsch, this is the (authorized) unauthorized biography of Samuel Gruber (he insisted on ‘warts and all’). From his lesser-known early days as a top board diver and ballet dancer to his experience conquering a terminal illness, Dr. ‘Doc’ Gruber’s journey is enthralling and completely unique. The book also includes hilarious anecdotes from various generations of Shark Lab alumni, describing their unique experiences with sharks, science, sandflies, and the famed founder himself.

But here’s the best part…All donations funded from this book will go towards the building of a new, stronger, more energy efficient research station. This will allow our research into sharks and rays continue, and further expand our knowledge and protection of these animals.  Click on the thumbnails below for donation levels, and to view a video preview of what you can expect from the book, click here.






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