Hexanchus nakamurai

Family: Hexanchidae

Description: counter shaded with dark dorsal surface and much lighter ventral surface. Most unique feature is having 6 gills, instead of 5 like most other sharks. A fairly slender shark with a narrow head, large eyes, and a deep notch on upper lobe of caudal fin. 

Size: maximum size is 180 cm.

Weight: approximately 20 kg.

Sexual maturity: males are mature are 123 cm and females at 142 cm.

Reproduction: aplacental viviparous with 13-26 pups per litter.

Average life span: unknown

Distribution: found around world in small patches. Areas include the Bahamas, Australia, and Madagascar. 

Diet: small to medium bony fish and crustaceans. 

Status: data deficient 

Human pressure: sometimes accidentally taken as bycatch, but a relatively rare shark. 

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