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We’re excited to be partnering with Cape Fear Torch on this beautiful baby tiger shark art piece! We will be producing 3ft reproductions of this original Tiger Shark Pup piece for $250, with $100 of each sale donated to the Shark Lab. The proceeds will go directly to our ongoing tiger shark research, more specifically to find out more about tiger shark pupping grounds through use of acoustic and satellite telemetry.


The reproductions are a high resolution print of the original, outlined and mounted on the same wood used for the original piece. Once it is placed on the three-quarter inch birch blank, the same UV protected epoxy resin is applied as the original. Reproductions look extremely similar to an original piece, they’re just faster to produce! 

To order your own Tiger Shark Pup piece, fill out the contact form below - you will be contacted by the artist, Chad Hogston, to finalize the purchase:


Thanks for your support!

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about the artist

Cape Fear Torch was started by Chad Hogston in 2018. It started as just an experiment with a torch and some cheap wood picked up at the local hardware store. Discovering that he had a knack for creating fish and other marine species through the discipline of pyrography (woodburning art), Chad began to make pieces for friends. Rapidly his clientele expanded to people all over the world, thanks to the reach of social media. 

Today, Cape Fear Torch has evolved into a full fledged operation. The last couple of years has allowed Chad's technique to mature in both detail and perspective. His line of sharks has always been at the top of the list in popularity with his clients, and he is constantly creating new and exciting pieces. 


Chad is very thankful and humbled that people all over the world enjoy his work. He is extremely appreciative of the support he has received from the shark conservation community. Chad is super stoked to be able to give back to this cause by partnering with The Bimini Shark Lab. 

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