Locate Us

On South Bimini, we are located roughly 1.4 miles from the Ferry Dock.  

If you would like to visit the lab from the North Island, you can hail the Bimini Bus (runs after 12 PM) on VHF channel 68 and request that you'd like to dropped off at the Sharklab.

If you don't mind a twenty minute walk, this yellow, red-dotted route marks the way from the ferry dock to the lab. The paved road veers left at the Thirsty Turtle restaurant and hotel.  At this juncture, stay straight and continue on the dirt road ahead. You will pass the Bimini Sands Resort on your right and must continue all the way down the main road (pass the Nature Trail, pass four roads that are on your right) until you see the entrance sign of our driveway on the left.

Please contact us on VHF channel 88A or call (242) 347-4538 to schedule a tour before arriving to the lab, as we plan these around the low tides so you can walk to the back shark-holding pens!  

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