Blacktip Special 2017

Blacktip season is coming up and our team is aiming to implant 9 acoustic transmitters,
which will last for at least 10 years!

In Bimini blacktip sharks are considered to be mesopredators on reef and seagrass habitat. They prey on fish and are thought to be preyed on by larger sharks, such as the great hammerhead and tiger shark. These acoustic tags will help us better understand the movement patterns and habitat use of the blacktip shark and the longterm data we will obtain from them will be invaluable. Blacktip sharks are among the one of the most caught shark species in recreational and commercial fisheries. Only recently have we found out that the genetics of the Bimini blacktip sharks significantly differentiated from other populations sampled (U.S.A. Atlantic, U.S.A. Gulf of Mexico, northern Yucatan, Belize and Brazil). It is therefore of importance to better understand the movement data of the blacktip shark. 
Unfortunately the acoustic tags are very costly ($350) and we are therefore asking the help of the general public in supporting us with this work! For this season special we will send you a full series of high resolution photographs of YOUR blacktip shark, from capture to release! :) 



In return for your $350 'Blacktip Special 2017' donation you will be able to NAME your very own blacktip shark which we will tag with an acoustic transmitter & we will send you updates on your shark's movements around the island islands. 

Acoustic transmitters are invaluable in studying the sharks of Bimini. We will send you a certificate of your OWN sharks information including:

Shark's NAME

Individual NMFS tag identification number

Transmitter number

Sex & measurements of your shark

Tag attachment date

Method of attachment

Location information

A series of HIGH RESOLUTION PHOTOGRAPHS of your shark!

Your shark will be a UNIQUE and INDIVIDUAL shark: No one else in the world will have the same tagged shark as you! We will also send you our most recent newsletter and our 'Sharks of Bimini Fact Sheet'

One year on from your sponsorship we will send you details of your shark. We will let you know whether we have caught it again, how much it has grown, where else we may have caught it and other unique information relating to your shark.

In an effort to remain environmentally friendly all certificates will be sent via PDF to your email address.

Tax Deductible — The Bimini Biological Field Station Foundation is a US non-profit organization, and all donations are tax deductible as appropriate by law. 


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